The Fonds d’art contemporain – Paris Collections


Les réserves du Fonds d'art contemporain - Paris Collections(Paris 18e).

Les réserves du Fonds d'art contemporain - Paris Collections(Paris 18e).

Ville de Paris © Adagp, Paris © Sammy Baloji

Bearing witness to the City of Paris’ support of creation since the 19th century, the collection of the Fonds d'art contemporain - Paris Collections stands alone, specialising in the 1980s, when an acquisition committee was created in support of an ambitious purchasing policy. The Collection, which complements those housed in Paris’ museums, has a special vocation: to reach beyond its walls, permeate the Paris region and encounter diverse audiences.-

Its history

In 1816, the prefecture of the Seine département (or county) – which today covers the départements (or counties) of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne – created the department of Fine Arts, and launched an original initiative consisting of ordering and purchasing works of art from living artists to encourage creation. This is how the future Municipal Collections were born. Some of whose works were used to decorate municipal and prefectural premises.


As the major Parisian museums were formed (Carnavalet, Petit Palais, Musée d 'Art Moderne, etc.), the most important works of these municipal collections were attributed to them. Alongside these museum collections, the "flying" or "mobile" collections continued to support creativity, during their acquisition, and use as decoration.

In the mid-1970s, after having been kept for a long time at the Musée d'Auteuil, the mobile collections moved to new premises in Ivry-sur-Seine (94), in a former water treatment plant.

In 1987, they took the name of "Fonds municipale d'art contemporain" (FMAC), within the heritage branch and the department of fine arts. The Fund has an independent museum acquisition committee and its own budget.

In 1997-98, its storerooms were expanded and brought up to standard.

In 2019, the Fonds municipal d'art contemporain de la Ville de Paris changed its name to the Fonds d’art contemporain – Paris Collections. This new name better underscores the Fund's commitment to contemporary art and heritage created and conserved by the City of Paris.

The Fund currently falls under the Visual Arts Office within the Artistic Creation Branch of the Cultural Affairs Division.

From September 2019 to July 2020, the Fonds d'art contemporain moved its collection and administrative offices (located in Central Paris) to new premises in the north of Paris (18th arrondissement).

With a surface area covering more than 2,000 m², the Fund now has 7 reserves artworks and 2 workshops dedicated to the restoration and management of works, and its offices house a team of 11 to 18 people.

The news Fund's reserves

Packaging of works at Ivry-sur-Seine (94).
Packaging of works at Ivry-sur-Seine (94). Ville de Paris
Packaging of works at Ivry-sur-Seine (94).
Ville de Paris
Réserves d'Ivry-sur-Seine (94).Déménagement des œuvres de la collection depuis Ivry-sur-Seine (94).
Ville de Paris
Photographie de réserves d'oeuvres, rack de rangement pour les caisses de conservaton.Arrivée des œuvres en réserves, à Paris (18e).
Arrival of works in new storerooms, in Paris (18e). Ville de Paris
Arrivée des œuvres dans les réserves.
Arrival of works in new storerooms, in Paris (18e). A watercolor from Yvan Salomone, 0817.1212_fortsetzung, 2011. Ville de Paris © Adagp, Paris
Hanging of works on rails, large mobile grids, Paris (18e).
Hanging of works on rails, large mobile grids, Paris (18e). Emilie Chaix / Ville de Paris
Installation des œuvres sur les grilles cimaises. Ici, une œuvre d'arts graphiques de Chourouk Hriech,
Hanging of Chourouk Hriech'works,Cadran 3 #, 2010, on rails, large mobile grids, Paris (18e). Emilie Chaix, Ville de Paris © Adagp, Paris
Réserve peinture.
The peinture reserve. Emilie Chaix, Ville de Paris
Vue de la réserve sculpture, étagères accueillant des sculptures en métal.
The sculpture reserve. Emilie Chaix, Ville de Paris.

A historical and contemporary collection

The municipal collection is the result of a two-century old policy in support of artists and galleries. This ever-changing heritage collection reflects the unique concerns of artists and their time.The Fund's collection consists of 3 periods, in order of numerical importance:

  • The modern collection - from 1914 to 1969 - represents 2/3 of the overall collection. It is mainly composed of paintings.

  • The so-called "historical" collection - for the period before 1914 - gathers a body of 1,500 works, mainly bronze sculptures. It is the core of the collection.

  • The contemporary collection - from 1970 to the present day - covers all the media and is completed by annual acquisitions. It fuels the dissemination and promotional actions of the Fonds d 'art contemporain – Paris Collections. This body includes more than 3,500 works, part of which is published online.

The acquisitions

As a stakeholder in the cultural policy of the City of Paris, the Fonds d'art contemporain – Paris Collections supports artists and art galleries by pursuing a sustainable acquisition policy.

The acquisitions

Every year since 1980, an acquisition campaign has enabled artists and gallery owners to submit proposals for works to be purchased from the Fund. The annual acquisition commission examines and decides on these proposals. It brings together experts, qualified personalities (directors, directors of art foundations, museums or art centres, curators, journalists, artists, art critics, teachers, etc.).

 The donations

The Fund receives proposals for significant donations of works from living artists, galleries, associations and private collections. They are examined with the same criteria as acquisitions.


2022 acquisitions


Home Sweet Home

2020 - Photographie



2020 - Sculpture

Carla ADRA

Bureau des pleurs

2019 - Nouveaux médias

Jean-Marie APPRIOU

Shrimp 10

2019 - Sculpture

Fabienne AUDÉOUD

D'après Beatrix Potter (série n°2)

2019 - Peinture


J'embrasse l'air du soir pour qu'il te porte caresse

2020 - Oeuvre textile


Brain Damage

2016 - Estampe

Virginie BARRÉ

Bee Jackson, championne du monde de Charleston, années 20

2005 - Dessin

Bianca BONDI

Bloom (la boîte à bijoux)

2022 - Sculpture


Token of love

2020 - Sculpture

Guillaume BRESSON

Sans Titre

2014 - Estampe


Karen Concert

2018 - Estampe



2011 - Photographie



2019 - Peinture



2019 - Photographie


Eléments de perspective #4

2017 - Sculpture


Annie reading the Bible, Slab City (USA)

2018 - Photographie


Département des Plaintes

2021 - Oeuvre en 3 dimensions

Suzanne HUSKY

Occuper, Résister, Cultiver

2021 - Oeuvre textile


Ordinary Women

- Peinture


Ordinary Women

- Peinture



- Dessin



- Dessin


Collier de dents II

2020 - Sculpture


Le Croissant de feu

2022 - Nouveaux médias

Valérie MRÉJEN

Sans titre

2018 - Dessin

Josèfa NTJAM

Offering to Djengou

2021 - Oeuvre en 3 dimensions



2019 - Oeuvre textile


Man in white (a)

2021 - Sculpture



2022 - Nouveaux médias

Jean-Luc VERNA

When (did) the Gay turned sad (?)

2021 - Dessin


Le Masque

2017 - Sculpture

Philippe LEPEUT

Agrégat (4ème version)

- Oeuvre en 3 dimensions

Philippe LEPEUT

Agrégat (4ème version)

- Oeuvre en 3 dimensions

Dissemination of works

Contributing to the wealth of Parisian public collections, the Fonds d'art contemporain - Paris Collections is the only collection whose vocation is above all to be disseminated outside its walls.


The historical vocation of the "flying collections" has made its mark throughout the former administrative territory of the départment of the Seine: 2,200 deposit locations are still recorded. The depository activity is now oriented towards concerted actions and developed with invested partners accompanied by specific mediation projects.


The Fund loans its modern and contemporary works to other institutions. Borrowers, French and foreign museums, but also art centres, art schools, heritage or other venues, used for the needs of exhibitions, continue to disseminate the collection.


Programs to raise awareness of contemporary art

Une Oeuvre pour tous (An Artwork for Everyone)

Begun in 2018,  Une Oeuvre pour tous (An artwork for everyone) program pays particular attention to audiences of all ages who are unfamiliar with or not knowledgeable about contemporary art. This program makes an original work of art from the municipal collection available to social and cultural partners.

More than a fleeting encounter, the presence of these works in these establishments for several months aims to promote a familiar relationship, as well as more intimate appropriation of the work. Imagined with the professionals of the partner structures, each work exhibition is accompanied by specific actions. Adapted to different audiences, exchanges around the work on display are organised as well as plastic workshops, meetings with artists, visits of the Fund's storerooms, etc.

The artist, Mark Bruss, takes a guided tour of his children’s exhibition.
The artist, Mark Bruss, takes a guided tour of his children’s exhibition. Ville de Paris

Une œuvre à l'école (An Artwork at School)

Since 2019, Une œuvre à l’école (An artwork at school - formerly FMAC à l'école) has been faithfully pursuing its vocation of bringing art to Parisian schools.

During an academic year, students from partner Parisian schools rub shoulders with a work from the Fund’s collection. The works presented are a starting point to learn about contemporary art and reflect on the world around us. This original approach reveals the essential role of culture and artistic creation in schools. The privileged daily relationship that students forge with the displayed work allows them to develop their critical thinking, curiosity, creativity and citizenship.

Combining playful, practical and theoretical approaches, the workshops developed around the works and meetings with the artists carry a rich and varied pedagogical content. Many disciplines and techniques are covered: architectural models, painting, modelling, casting, installation, drawing, calligraphy, engraving, photography, video, performance, new technology, etc.

The artist, Gerald Petit meets the children in their class to present their artistic work.
The artist, Gerald Petit meets the children in their class to present their artistic work. Ville de Paris

Jeunes Collectionneurs (Young Collectors)

Launched in September 2020, this unprecedented program is aimed at Parisian secondary school students. Over two academic years, they first discover the places and professions of contemporary art, before defending their selection of works acquired by the Fonds d’art contemporain.

These works are then deposited in the partner institutions to be borrowed by the students and their families, like an art library. 

During the first year, students discover the world of contemporary art through visits to cultural venues (galleries, art centres, workshops, etc.) and meetings with professionals (artist, curator, manager, heritage consultant, etc.). They are also introduced to the activities of the Fonds d'art contemporain by visiting the storerooms and attending the annual acquisition commission.

In the second year, accompanied by a mediator and their art teacher, the students explore contemporary art galleries in Paris to select original works (limited editions of photographs, videos, engravings, prints, etc.). These are then defended by the Young Collectors in a dedicated acquisition committee, which met for the first time in May 2022.

This unique experience is an original way for students to develop professional skills through art: pitching, proposing, developing a critical mind.

The Middle school students from Evariste Gallois college (13e) visit Fonds reserves.
The Middle school students from Evariste Gallois college (13e) visit Fonds reserves. Ville de Paris

Exhibitions from the City's collection

  • Paris+ by Art Basel at the Grand Palais Éphémère, from October 2022.

  • Fiac – International Contemporary Art Fair (Foire internationale d'art contemporain). Since 2003, the Fonds d'art contemporain has presented its recent acquisitions every year.

  • European Heritage Days, held annually in September, since 2012. The Fonds d'art contemporain plays a prominent role with a presentation of its collection with the Salon de l’Hôtel de Ville, accessible only at this event.

The Fonds d’Art Contemporain – Paris Collections team

The Fonds d'art contemporain – Paris Collections is a cultural department of the City of Paris. It falls under the Visual Arts Office within the Artistic Creation Branch of the Cultural Affairs Division of the City of Paris.

Director of Cultural Affairs



Artistic Creation Branch

Simon Vanackere


Head of the Visual Arts Office

Jean-Christophe Arcos


Fonds d'Art Contemporain – Paris Collections



Julie Gandini

Heritage Curator


Administrative and technical coordination

Julie Bigey


Digital communication

Not provided (Apprentice)


Dissemination division of collections, management of works



Juliette Degorce


Une œuvre à l'école (An Artwork at School) program

Nathalie Rataud

Cultural Mediator


Une œuvre pour tous (An Artwork for Everyone) program

Julie Lamier

Cultural Mediator


Jeunes Collectionneurs (Young Collectors) program

Flore Chetcuti


Management of works

Romain Épiais



Guillaume Crespin

Installer and assembler

Farid Lmakhloufi

Installer and assembler



Scientific management

of the collections



Amandine Piel


Responsible for the computerised inventory of the collection

In charge of the photographic collection

Christel Courtois


Responsible for checking the inventory and research

Alexis Loisel-Montambaux


Promotion of the collections

Lenie Menegazzo (Apprentice)